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doom/sludge, SLO

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doom/sludge, SLO

Formed in the heart of 2016 by two friends whose ranks swiftly expanded to include a third, Britof emerged from a shared passion for the heavy and the loud. This trio, bonded over a love for music that shakes the soul, has since carved out a niche for themselves in the rich tapestry of rock. With tastes that are both strikingly similar and refreshingly diverse, Britof draws from a broad sonic palette that includes heavy metal, doom,sludge and black metal, among many other subgenres. This eclectic mix has allowed them to forge a sound that is

unmistakably their own, a sound that has come to define their distinctive musical identity.

Britof is, at its core, a live band. Known for their electrifying live performances, they've proven that even as a trio, their sound is anything but small. Power, intensity, and fullness characterize their live shows, making each performance a memorable experience. Their debut album, self-titled "Britof," released in 2017, laid the groundwork for their sonic exploration. It was followed by "Ruins" in 2022, an album that further

established their prowess and unique sound. Currently, they are pouring their creativity into their third album, promising yet another evolution in their musical journey.

A distinctive feature of Britof is their drummer, who also takes on the role of lead vocalist—a rarity that adds a unique flavor to their music.

Initially, their performances were mainly confined to Slovenia and neighboring countries. However, their reach extended globally when their pre-recorded set was featured on Ozzfest Metaverse in 2023, marking a significant milestone in their career.

Looking ahead, Britof is set to embark on a European tour in April 2024.

This tour will see them covering numerous EU countries, bringing their killer live performances to a wider audience. This journey is not just a series of concerts; it's an opportunity for Britof to connect with fans old

and new, to share the raw, unfiltered energy that is at the heart of their music. As they continue to grow and evolve, Britof remains a band that is not just heard, but experienced.


Aleks Paradiž – drums, vocals

Jan Laznik, Kokta - bass, backing vocals

Matej Pok- guitar, backing vocals

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